q: how much does it cost to charge an e-Bike?

Fantastic question; depending on what you pay per KW hour for electricity approximately £0.30 - £0.40 pence per charge based on 18 pence per KWh. Which means each mile could be a fraction of a pence. e-Bikes are extremely cheap to run and ideal to replace the car for some or all trips.

q: Why should I get an electric bicycle?

Electric Bicycles give you the freedom to explore much further than you would riding a traditional non-electric bike, you will be able to go much further and because e-bikes make light work of steep hills or headwinds you will find new places to visit. You choose how much work you want to do at anytime during your ride, increase power for hills with Turbo mode, or tackle every other hill on Eco mode for exercise. The choice is yours.

q: How fast can I go on an e-Bike?

The UK Legal limit on an electric bicycle is 15.5mph, which gives you the ideal cruising speed in most situations. Any faster the motor simply stops assisting so you can go as fast as you can manage, just like an ordinary push-bike. We've found on the average tourer such as those supplied by Bergamont or Scott you generally ride over 15mph and when you climb hills or pass through strong headwinds the motor takes over.

q: What range can I expect?

The range you achieve from your e-bike will generally be determined by the motor and battery combination you choose but generally speaking most e-bikes can achieve around 50 miles. Some e-bikes, typically mid-range to higher end, are able to achieve up to 135 miles in Eco mode (Typically 40% assistance). Range is also affected by rider height and weight plus the conditions you're riding in. If you plan to stick to the road your range will be higher than those looking to do most of their riding off-road. Hub gears will also affect the range, so generally we recommend going for the biggest battery and most efficient motors you can afford.

q: What type of e-bike do I need?

The type of e-Bike you need will be determined by the terrain you're looking to ride on. For road riding, the Tourer range of e-Bikes provide everything you need with the added benefit of being able to tackle light trails. Hybrids or Trekkers are ideal for all types of terrain and their primary feature include a moderate riding position with wider handlebars for better handling and also feature grippier tyres. Mountain Bikes are also popular with people that have no intention of going anywhere near a mountain and can even be fitted with more appropriate tyres for road use. Some eMTB's also feature fitted mudguards, lights and a stand. Extras you normally don't find on mountain bikes. That said, they can be easily added to any eMTB as required.

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