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Step-Through Electric Bicycles, also known as Low-Step or Stepless e-Bikes which include Low-Stand Over models are designed to be easy-on, easy-off with little effort, this allow you to load up the pannier rack without having to negotiate it every time you get on and off the bike. Models that feature the lowest step are typically the higher end models from Bergamont and Scott in WAVE frames; they achieve this by engineering their frames with three part box flanges to ensure strength without losing structural integrity. The lowest possible frame on an e-Bike is the folding 20” wheel Wisper 806. The Amsterdam frames from Bergamont are crossbars, but come much lower to allow you to step on and off with ease, the crossbar makes the bike slightly lighter as a result. Step-Through e-Bikes come in all shapes and sizes and are suitable for anyone of any gender.

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