Price Promise

Price Match Guarantee

We won't be beaten on price, we'll match or beat our competitors for in stock items on electric bicycles, bicycles and accessories. We're always checking prices but if you find a cheaper offer from another retailer before we do please contact us with details and we will match or beat them. All you need is the website or retailer name and the product model number and brand and we'll do the rest.

Terms and Conditions

  • Items must be in stock with the retailer to price match
  • Items must be the identical in size, colour, year and specification
  • Items must be publicly advertised and include delivery
  • We cannot price match shop soiled, cosmetic minutes or pre used items
  • We cannot price match clearance sales, closing down sales, suppliers or non vat registered entities
  • Retailers must be UK based and sell directly to customers, we cannot price match third party websites (i.e eBay,)
  • Additional promotions cannot be used in conjunction with the price match offer
  • We cannot price match bulk buy or multi buy products, unless identical to the item on offer
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