Electric Bicycle Repairs

We are a Bosch & Yamaha certified dealer, our workshop is fully equipped to carry out repairs and maintenance on all electric bicycles we supply.


In order to maintain the high levels of service we offer we now exclusively repair e-Bikes sold by us either online or in-store, this allows us to offer the best service for our customers old and new.

Replace Tube (each) - £10

Replace Tube (pair) - £15

Replace Tyre (each) - £10

Replace Tyre (pair) - £15

Wheel Truing (each) - £15

Brake Adjustment (pair) - £5

Replace Pads (pair) - £8

Brake Bleed (each) - £25

Gear Adjustment (pair) - £15

Fit Cassette/Freewheel - £10

Fit Chain - £10

New Bearings (headset, hub)- £15

Bosch System Diagnostics & Updates - £39

All prices are plus parts and include VAT. Road test included where applicable. We can provide a quote for labour plus parts if required. Please note during the warranty period our workshop is reserved exclusively for customers that have purchased an e-Bike directly from us. We can work on all e-Bikes outside the warranty window (usually 12-24 Months).

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