Electric Bicycle Servicing


We recommended having your bike serviced every 6 months, with a minimum of once per year. Service prices can be found below, we can also offer a collection service if you're unable to get your e-bike to us. Servicing applies to all electric bike types. Our servicing discounts are available for our existing customers that have purchased (or will purchase) an e-bike from us. All prices are plus parts (if required), you will be notified before any additional parts are fitted with an estimated price. 

Bronze Service - £19.95

If your bike hasn't been used for a while it's advised you have a safety checkup before you head out.


Visual Safety Check

Tyre Pressure Adjustment

Safety Report and Recommendations


Price for e-Bikes or Bicycles purchased elsewhere: £24.95

Silver Service - £49.95

Includes the essentials to keep your bike in good working order. Features a detailed safety check of all components and torquing of primary components.


*Everything in Bronze Service Plus:

Gear Index Adjustment

Drivetrain Lubrication

Wheel & Rim Inspection

Wheel Hub Inspection

Brake Cables Checked & Lubricated

Gear Cables Checked & Lubricated

Headset Visual Check & Torque

Nut & Bolt Torque Adjustment

Motor Inspected & Torqued

Electrical Components Inspected


Price for e-Bikes or Bicycles purchased elsewhere: £59.95

Gold Service - £79.95

We offer a Premium Service for e-bikes with higher mileage which includes everything you get with our Silver Service plus alignments.


*Everything in Silver Service Plus:

Brake Caliper Alignment

Wheels Trued

Headset Inspection & Adjustment

Callipers Aligned

Contacts Cleaned and Lubricated

Drivetrain Cleaned &  Lubricated

Bottom Bracket Adjustment

Motor Torque

Hubs Inspected

Firmware Update*

Diagnostics Systems Health Report*

Diagnostics Rider Report*

(*Compatible systems: Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha)


Price for e-Bikes or Bicycles purchased elsewhere: £89.95

Platinum Service - £129.95

We offer a Platinum Service which includes a complete strip down and re-grease of all components. 


*Everything in Gold Service Plus:

Headset Cleaned & Greased

Callipers removed, Greased & Aligned

Contacts Cleaned and Lubricated

Drivetrain Removed, Cleaned and Lubricated

Bottom Bracket Removed, Cleaned and Greased

Motor Removed, Inspected and Retorqued

Cable Inners Replaced & Oiled

Hydraulics Brake Fluid Bleed F/R

Hub Inspected, Cleaned & Greased

Full Road Test


Price for e-Bikes or Bicycles purchased elsewhere: £139.95

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