Bosch and Yamaha motors provide high assistance with an excellent range of up to 135 miles, achievable on the 625wh PowerTube batteries. Bosch produce 4 primary motors from the Bosch Active Line range to the Performance range offering something suitable to any type of rider and terrain. Yamaha produce a range of motors suitable to all terrains and conditions.



Yamaha PW-ST 70nm
A powerful ride is the best thing about eMTBs, but a lack of control would leave you prone to wheelies during climbs and spinning tyres on poor surfaces. The Yamaha tuning for the PWseries ST allows the drive unit software to handle power control. By combining power with stable control, this technology makes it easier for the rider to start with peace of mind even from half way up the steepest of hills.
The PWseries ST features Yamaha's Quad Sensor System so that it can deliver assist optimized for all conditions. The unit also offers a broader assist range that can accommodate high-cadence pedaling.
Yamaha PW-TE 60nm
The Automatic Support Mode exclusively tuned for the PWseries TE provides intelligent and natural power assistance with a lightweight feel, delivering a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.
The PWseries TE drive unit focuses on providing comfort and a stable ride in urban areas, coping effortlessly with riding conditions including steep climbs and rides against strong winds. Thanks to the Quad Sensor Technology, the system automatically detects riding conditions such as hill starts, and delivers the appropriate assist power and smooth acceleration.


Bosch Performance CX 85nm
The Gen4 motor has a maximum of 85NM of torque power, making hill climbing faster. Strong headwinds have little effect while still maintaining one of the best mileage per KW/h of any current e-bike motors.
Weighing only 2.9kg this motor is one of the smallest available, achieving a small footprint and blending in to the frame better than ever. Utilising twin bracket mounted construction and a magnesium alloy body the Bosch CX Gen4 motor is their best yet.
Bosch Performance 65nm
Innovative noise-optimised gearbox makes the Performance Line one of the quietest drives in its class while still being powerful in it's output. With torque power up to 65nm the motor provides plenty of power for all kinds of riding.
The efficient and versatile drive provides dynamic acceleration and guarantees an authentic riding sensation with minimal pedal resistance, even without support.
Bosch Active Plus 65nm
Intelligent assistance with 1000 measurements per second to adapt to all terrains effectively and conserve power for when it's really needed.
Quite and efficient operation ensures long rides or commutes are a pleasure. Power only when needed up to 270 percent assistance for optimal performance on steep hills and through strong headwinds.
Bosch Active 40nm
The Active Line motor provides up to 250 percent assistance @ max 40nm of torque power. Ideal for getting around town or cycling in the countryside.
Intelligent support: the multi-sensor drive unit concept takes more than 1,000 measurements per second to ensure a smooth power characteristic.


Fazua 55nm e-Bike system
The FAZUA Drive System consists of three main parts which are controlled by the remote. The entire system is designed and engineered to seamlessly blend into your riding, whatever your style is.
Breeze Mode: Gentle and constant 100 Watt-strong tailwind even with low pedaling power and cadence.

River Mode: Progressive and very athletic mode. The strength of the support precisely follows your own power input. The more you give, the more support you get.

Rocket Mode: Powerful assistance that helps you tackle the steepest and most difficult sections.
Fazua Motors

Fazua motors are fitted to the Bergamont range of gravel e-Bikes, click here to find out more about this model.

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Shimano Steps 40nm
Weighs only 2.5 kg for a light feel and easy handling, Switch easily between power-assist options, Up to 200% max support to effortlessly get you anywhere you need to go, Virtually silent compact drive unit so all you notice is its expert support, Natural riding feeling for pure comfort. Built to be ridden in all weather conditions
Optimised pedalling efficiency due to its narrowed pedal-to-frame width Designed for all weather conditions Transmission of power through dedicated chainring Compatible with optional chain-retention device
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