Bosch motors provide high assistance with excellent range of up to 135 miles achievable on the 625wh PowerTube batteries. Bosch produce 4 primary motors from the Bosch Active Line range to the Performance range offering something suitable to any type of rider.

Bosch Performance CX
The Gen4 motor has a maximum of 85NM of torque power, making hill climbing faster. Strong headwinds have little effect while still maintaining one of the best mileage per KW/h of any current e-bike motors.
Weighing only 2.9kg this motor is one of the smallest available, achieving a small footprint and blending in to the frame better than ever. Utilising twin bracket mounted construction and a magnesium alloy body the Bosch CX Gen4 motor is their best yet.
Bosch Performance 65nm
Innovative noise-optimised gearbox makes the Performance Line one of the quietest drives in its class while still being powerful in it's output.
The efficient and versatile drive provides dynamic acceleration and guarantees an authentic riding sensation with minimal pedal resistance, even without support.
Bosch Performance 65nm
Intelligent assistance with 1000 measurements per second to adapt to all terrains effectively and conserve power for when it's really needed.
Quite and efficient operation ensures long rides or commutes are a pleasure. Power only when needed up to 270 percent assistance for optimal performance on steep hills and through strong headwinds.
Bosch Range Estimator
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